August 08, 2013

Religion of Peace Roundup: Pride of Zanzibar Edition

Peaceful, tolerant Zanzibar less peaceful and tolerant.

I think white good-looking north London Jewish girls walking around in Zanzibar always make them a target as it's a Muslim country.

..."It was an acid attack on two English girls. They were dressed appropriately - they just attacked two young girls.

Pakistaini Spy lied, on citizenship application was member of Kashmiri American Council (KAC), working with the Pakistani ISI, Muslim Students Association, Islamic Society of North America.

I'm on a Mission from Allah, who BTW is favorable to the Raiders.

If you seek martyrdom by courtroom, do you still get 72 dark eyed virgins?

Bombing the graveyard, because whistling past it is Haram.

There's still 6000 Boko Haram fighters terrorist left to kill. Give or take a few.

Ramadan, its violent!

Beat your wife, sell your daughter, its Halal baby!

A dead baby here a dead baby there, what's it matter really. So long as you get that dead baby propaganda shot. (pic from Afghanistan not Syria)

Islamic Society, We can't build an airplane but now and then we blow one up.

Uncle Dead Stiff wants YOU for al-Shabaab.

Me against my brother, my brother and I against... No wait, I killed my bother. Dag Nabbit!

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