August 08, 2013

Good Old Boys at KYEM Only Wasted 5.6 Million of Your Tax Dollars

KYEM that's the Kentucky Department of Emergency Management. They spent your money on such things as alcohol and Elvis impersonators. Then falsified receipts to make it appear they were legitimate expenses.

When the state auditor tried to Audit the books, the director Gen. John W. Heltzel threatened employees not the talk to the auditor, lest he would retaliate against them at work.

Lex 18:

An examination of the state agency that coordinates disaster relief turned up massive misspending and abuses of public trust, including $103,000 in taxpayer money spent on liquor, food and entertainment at an annual gala.

Edelen released the findings of the audit Tuesday at a news conference in Frankfort. He reported $2.3 million in questionable spending from the agency, which handles hundreds of millions of dollars in federal grant money meant for disaster stricken communities.

"The report paints a picture of agency leadership that does not believe the rules apply to it," Edelen said in a news release. "The findings raise concerns about waste and abuse that may have gone undetected and jeopardize federal funding meant to prepare the Commonwealth for emergencies."


Along with alleged misspending and poor accounting, auditors accused KYEM officials of intimidating employees to keep them from coming forward with allegations of abuse.

"As auditors were wrapping up the exam, KYEM employees informed them that the director had openly threatened retaliation upon learning who talked to the auditor's staff," the office said in its findings.

The auditors also found instances in which documents were apparently altered to cover up misspending.

The full audit report is here.

All the parties involved were appointed by Democratic Governor Steve Beshear.

Mistakes may have been made," the agency replied, but "no illegal, immoral or unethical actions have been initiated or condoned by the division leadership."

Edelen brushed aside that defense during his news conference.

"There is no such thing as accidentally altering documents," Edelen said. "They are literally caught red-handed here."

I mean what you expect General Heltzel to buy his own lunch on only 80k per year plus his salary as a general in the national guard? Don't you know times are hard?

A friend of Jawa who knows General Heltzel and actually did serve his country describes him to me as, "An arrogant POS".

Update: Good old boy now has a lot more time for fishing.

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