August 06, 2013

Tawana Brawley Finally Ordered to Pay For Defamation

A black woman who set off a racial firestorm as a teenager after alleging she was raped by a group of white men in 1987 has begun making defamation payments to one of them.

Tawana Brawley has paid just over $3,700 to former county prosecutor Steven Pagones, the New York Post reported ( Pagones won a claim against her and her advisers, including the Rev. Al Sharpton, after he was named as an attacker.

Twanna refused to attend the hearing because....
In a July 22 legal brief signed by Brawley and submitted by Maddox, Brawley contends she wouldn’t submit herself to the court’s jurisdiction because an appearance in the court, “which inferentially sympathizes with the Confederate States of America, would be contrary to the US Constitution and would amount to a ‘badge of slavery.’ ”
Pulling out all the stops Brawley's disbarre lawyer also claimed she should not have to pay because as a black she is exempt from the common law and instead the case should be heard under Slave Law.
“The common law applies to whites. The slave code still applies to blacks,” he said.
Twanna will have her wages garnished to pay her part of the settlement. If she doesn't quit her job. Her parents claim this is unjust and "We should be millionaires."

Um yeah.

Hat Tip: Chapin's Inferno.

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