August 02, 2013

"Innocent" Gitmo Prisoner Calls on Taliban to Storm Gitmo

Moazzam Begg is held up by both the Left and Islamists as evidence that most Gitmo prisoners were just innocent guys wandering around Afghanistan herding goats when the meany-Americans profiled them and just started putting every Mo, Azziz, and Machmood in prison.

If this guy wasn't al Qaeda, how come he's so keen on al Qaeda breaking prisoners out of Iraqi jails? And why does he want the Taliban to do the same in Gitmo?

Begg is one of the jihad supporting assmaggots behind the group masquerading as a "human rights" organization called Cage Prisoners. This is a group that had Anwar al-Awlaki as their keynote speaker at a "human rights fundraiser". You know, the former external operations chief for al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

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