August 02, 2013

'Swat Team' Storms Animal Shelter To Kill Fugitive Baby Deer

I've always had the belief that a true police state was impossible in America. That, no matter how many fascists and Judenräte the government employs, there would always be enough conscientious officials to keep them in check. Some abuses are inevitable, but a majority of law enforcement are good, decent people who enjoy the same freedom most citizens do.


But it's cases like this that make me question my own beliefs:

The raid, complete with multiple squad cars and several armed officers from the state Department of Natural Resources, was organized after DNR officials received a tip about a two-week-old fawn who was being cared for by the no-kill animal shelter.

The young deer, named "Giggles," was being cared for by the rescue agency until she could be transferred to a wildlife shelter.

But Giggles never had the opportunity to be transferred because the DNR agents who descended upon the shelter killed her instead.

A lot of people beyond the actual participants were involved in this raid. There were judges who signed the warrants and supervisors within the departments. And to go in so heavily armed. Did they expect the baby deer to put up a fight? Or were they just willing to kill a few shelter volunteers who may have resisted? Makes me wonder whether anyone of them questioned the resources or the tactic used.

Especially when the situation was already resolving itself by the shelter, which made arrangements for the fawn to be transported to a wildlife center the very next day. Were the involved officers aware of this and did they then rush to execute the warrant before the transfer could happen? If so, why?

A couple of email addresses in case you want to express your disgust:

WDNR Regional Warden Kevin Mickelberg -
WDNR Supervisor Jennifer Niemeyer -

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