August 02, 2013

Seattle To Ban "Offensive" Words

The city of Seattle has announced it will no longer use certain common words that may potentially be offensive to some. Among them, "citizen," "brown bag," "dinosaur," "birthday," and "halloween":

Government workers in the city of Seattle have been advised that the terms "citizen" and "brown bag" are potentially offensive and may no longer be used in official documents and discussions. [...]

"Luckily, we've got options," Elliott Bronstein of the Office for Civil Rights wrote in the memo obtained by the station. "For 'citizens,' how about 'residents?'"

In an interview with Seattle's KIRO Radio, Bronstein said the term "brown bag" has been used historically as a way to judge skin color.

"For a lot of particularly African-American community members, the phrase brown bag does bring up associations with the past when a brown bag was actually used, I understand, to determine if people's skin color was light enough to allow admission to an event or to come into a party that was being held in a private home," Bronstein said.

A few potentially offensive words and phrases I think should be banned:

Anthony Weiner
Michelle Obama's vacation
creepy ass cracka

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