August 01, 2013

100% Proof Sasquatch is Real

Pat Dollard:

New video footage of a mystery figure walking through the Canadian wilderness has sparked excitement among Bigfoot believers.

The 27-second clip shows a large ape-like creature, apparently covered in dark hair, making its way across a forest hilltop before disappearing out of sight.

The clip has racked up more than 260,000 hits on YouTube after being released by the developers of augmented reality adventure app, Legend Tracker.They received thousands of videos after asking people to submit real-life footage of close encounters with the famed sasquatch and other legendary creatures.

Here is a video of Bigfoot terrorizing some Chinese tourists.

And finally Jawa Report's submission. Which also incidentally proves that Sandy Duncan has mastered teleportation and is Lindsay Wagner's lesbian lover.

Hold me. I'm frightened.

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