July 30, 2013

Kuwait Accused Of Human Rights Violations For Deporting Traffic Violators

Just like they do in the United States. Ha, ha, ha! Where have all the Asian drivers and teenage texters gone?

KUWAIT CITY, June 17: Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs Major General Abdul Fattah Al-Ali affirmed the legality in the deportation of expatriates who committed serious traffic violations, explaining that many countries including the United States of America deport expatriates who commit such violations.

During an open meeting that was held when a delegation from the Kuwait Journalists Association visited his office in the ministry on Monday morning, Major General Al-Ali bid all human rights societies that criticized the General Traffic Department (GTD), to look into the violations of human rights in their countries first before accusing Kuwait of violating human rights.

(Issuing Traffic Tickets In Kuwait)

Below the fold, other violations that could get you deported, imprisoned, or executed in "moderate" Kuwait.

Over 200 homos, lesbians held in countrywide Net cafe raids:

Personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department during an extensive campaign at Internet cafes and suspicious places in the six governorates have arrested 215 young homosexuals and lesbians of various nationalities, reports Al-Anba daily.

Kuwaiti finds wife in bedroom with her lover:

A Kuwaiti woman and her lover were arrested recently for committing adultery, reports Al-Rai daily. According to security sources, the suspect's Kuwaiti husband started observing her activities after he suspected her of having an extramarital affair. Claiming that he was going to meet his friends, he hid inside his vehicle and noticed his wife's lover entering the apartment.

He immediately contacted the Operations Room of Ministry of Interior and reported about his wife's crime.

Husband & Wife doing 'it' in car:

In a strange incident, when the police arrested a young couple for making love inside a car under the cover of darkness off the Arabian Gulf Street, they were shocked to find out the couple is husband and wife, reports Al-Rai daily.

The youth during interrogation at the site, produced a marriage contract to prove he and the woman with him are married.

Dutch woman and her lover admits having sex:

Police have detained a young Dutch woman and her boyfriend following a missing persons report filed by her brother at a local police station, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily. [...]

The couple was arrested 48 hours after the report was filed. The lovers have admitted to having sex.

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