July 29, 2013

Bad News: Iranian Backed Terrorists Take Key City from Rebels w/ Deep al Qaeda Links

If we keep loosing strategic cities such as Homs, how are we ever going to keep this war going indefinitely? You know, so that all the bad guys can kill each other:

Syrian government forces seized control of a key neighborhood of Homs on Monday, activists and state media said, delivering a blow to besieged opposition fighters in the city once dubbed “the capital of the revolution.”

Rebels had retreated from around 95 percent of the neighborhood of Khaldiyeh by midday Monday after a morning air raid that was followed by bombardment with surface-to-surface missiles and mortars, activists said. Syrian state television went further and said government forces had “restored security and stability” to the area.

Second look at sending weapons to the rebels? Forget Turkey. We could funnel the weapons through the Kurds, who have been doing a bang up job of killing as many al Qaeda types as they can get their hands on.

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