July 26, 2013

Al Qaeda on Spree of Political Assassinations in Tunisia

Meanwhile in Tunisia, al Qaeda isn't so happy with the way things are going and have resorted to violence. Al Qaeda .... using violence? Who would've thunk it:

Mohammed Brahmi was shot 14 times in front of his home within sight of his family on Thursday, plunging the country into a political crisis and unleashing demonstrations around the country blaming the government for the assassination.

Interior Minister Loutfi Ben Jeddou told reporters that ballistics tests on the 9mm bullets used in the attack showed it came from the same weapon used to kill opposition leader Chokri Belaid in February. He alleged that the gunman is Boubakr Hakim, a 30-year-old weapons smuggler born in France, who, he said, was known for jihadi sympathies.

And remember, Tunisia is alleged to be a model of Arab Spring "success".

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