July 25, 2013

Conflicted: Taliban Attack Pakistani ISI

When they're all bad guys, who do you root for? The lesser of two evils.

Okay, but between Pakistan's ISI and the Taliban, does any one have a clear idea which is the lesser of the two evils?

Taliban militants claimed responsibility on Thursday for an attack on a regional office of Pakistan’s main spy agency that left at least nine people dead and again highlighted the militants’ ability to strike sensitive targets....

A suicide bomber blew up a vehicle outside the ISI compound, and was followed by three gunmen who attacked security forces and police officers inside. All three were killed in the course of a firefight that lasted roughly half an hour.

Five other people, including at least one civilian official with the intelligence agency, and three security force personnel also died in the attack.

The funny part here? Two factions of the Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. One of them in retaliation for a US drone strike.

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