July 24, 2013

Out: Bigfoot and Nessie
In: "The White Taliban"

How long have we been in Afghanistan? Long enough that some US Special Forces have learned to blend in well enough that the locals mistake them for Taliban:

But out in the Arghandab Valley of Kandahar Province, one of the most volatile regions in the country, locals talk about a different breed of American Special Operations forces who settled in around 2005. They are said to drive civilian vehicles, wear local clothes, speak good Pashto – and yes, sport thick beards.

They are so good at blending in that the locals have taken to calling them “Spin Taliban” – Pashto for White Taliban – because of their resemblance to the actual Afghan Taliban, including the trademark black, puffy turbans.

Special Forces .... going native ... in a war that becomes less popular as it drags on and on. The narrative is kind of on the nose, eh?

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