July 23, 2013

Horny Invisible Witches on the Loose in Zambia

If you had the power to turn invisible through witchraft, natch, what would you do? Rob a bank? Assassinate Fidel Castro? Steal that treasure map they keep on display at the National Archives?

How about get a little, you know, action on the DL? That's exactly what is going on in Zambia:

The male teachers complained that they have been having sex with women they cannot see. This has been happening to them for about three weeks, he said....

I received a complaint from a female teacher of Makaba Primary School who told me what had happened to her on Friday.

She said while sleeping next to her husband, an invisible man undressed her and had sex with her, he said.

I don't know, it seems to me that if you were a Zambian witch or wizard with the ability to make yourself invisible, don't you think that your first priority would be .... getting the hell out of Zambia?

Incidentally, Howie refused to comment on his whereabouts last week nor on the Zambian stamp on his passport.

And Vinnie's wife often accuses him of having invisible sex with her. Only, I'm thinking she means something completely different and not quite flattering.

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