July 21, 2013

French Riots: Muslim Tries To Strangle Police Officer; Interior Minister Calls On Police To Respect Muslims


The latest round of riots. What instigated this Islamic violence? This (all emphasis mine):

A crowd of some 250 people collected outside the police station of the gritty Paris suburb of Trappes in response to the arrest of a Muslim man who police say assaulted them after they checked the identity of a woman wearing an Islamic veil.

"Her husband reacted in a hostile fashion, insulting and hitting the policemen. The man was placed in custody for that reason," Jean-Marc Galland, a senior official for Yvelines region, told Reuters. [...]

Prosecutor Vincent Lesclous later told reporters that the man had in-fact tried to strangle a police officer.

The crowd soon turned violent, setting fire to bins and hurling stones at the police and the police station. [...]

A witness said that the crowd was calling on the police to release the husband.

"They [the police] didn't want to listen and it got out of control. Trappes is a big family. When you attack us we’re going to respond," the man, who gave his name as Sofiane, told the French television channel iTele.

You see, it is the kuffar's fault for not listening. Had they listened and given in to the demands of the Muslim mobs, none of that would have happened. Had the officer just allowed himself to be strangled, it would have never escalated. It's always someone else's fault.

French dhimmis officials are now calling for respect where none is deserved.

The interior minister urged calm and dialogue, insisting on both the need for public order and respect for France's Muslims. The incident in the town of Trappes on Friday night reflected sporadic tensions between police upholding France’s strict policies of secularism and those who accuse authorities of discriminating against France's No. 2 religion.

Why anyone would choose to be a police officer under such conditions is beyond me. This French government would prefer a temporary peace over long term security. Islam in Europe is no longer a religion of the sword, but a religion of political subjugation.

In other European dhimmi news, 5 prison officers were suspended after Woolwich killer claimed they abused him. They were really mean to him and treated him like a criminal and stuff!

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