July 19, 2013

Yes, that is a bomb in my pocket
But, yes, I am happy to see you

You thought Underwear Bomb I was bad news, wait until you see Underwear Bomb II: Electric Bugaloo

[Transportation Security Administrator John] Pistole also for the first time detailed the sophisticated "Underwear Bomb II," which a double-agent stole from AQAP in 2012 after the group dispatched him as a suicide bomber aboard an aircraft. ABC News obtained a Department of Homeland Security illustration of the newer bomb. Pistole called the U.S. ally-led operation an "intelligence coup," because it enabled western counterterrorism services to thwart a serious threat from a bomb almost impossible to detect by magnetometers and advanced imaging machines at airports.

"It was a new type of explosive we had never seen," which used two redundant initiators filled with liquid explosives to detonate a larger liquid explosive charge in men's briefs, Pistole said....

"He encased this explosive in caulk -- kitchen caulk," he explained, to conceal the scent of he explosives and "evade bomb sniffing dogs."

The real news here is 1) the bomb may not be detectable in foreign airports and 2) our intel people think that Ibrahim al-Asiri may have taught multiple people how to make the bomb.

Just thought I'd throw that out there. You know, get the weekend started right.

Anyone have any plans that include an overseas flight?

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