July 19, 2013

Alice Walker Blames Travon Martin's Death on Sleestaks


On her personal blog, Walker explains that The Guardian edited out some of her wording which originally included the line [emphasis added], “Contemplating Zimmerman’s exoneration for the obvious murder of Trayvon Martin.” On her own website, she writes that “criminals…daily get away with murder.”

Walker writes on her blog that The Guardian editor “informed me they cannot publish the word ‘murder’ only ‘killing’ or ‘shooting death.’ Thus protecting murderers — those terrorizing us all over the world – from even being adequately described.”

Well that part is kind of disturbing. Lets say you have to report on say, the brutal beheading of Tom Fox or some other victim of terrorists, you cannot describe it as Murder? You can't describe the Boston or 7/7 bombings as murder. Only as killing of Kuffar then?

But I digress, in describing Zimmerman she also posits that he's probably a Sleestack.

Walker posits that “if we are dealing with descendants of the Chitauri (See Credo Mutwa’s informative teaching on the subject of cold blooded reptilian ancestry of some humans) then we can expect more of what we are experiencing.”

Sleestaks jumping up and down yelling "Kill! Kill! Kill!"

To arrive at the suggestion that Zimmerman could potentially be grouped with the “cold blooded reptilian ancestry of some humans,” Walker points to Credo Mutwa, a South African shaman who claimed to be abducted by “reptile-like” alien creatures when he was looking for herbs in Zimbabwe.

Just exactly what herbs was this shaman dude looking for?

Um, never mind.

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