July 18, 2013

Gang Rapist in Australia Pleads the "She Wasn't Wearing a Headscarf" Defense

Remember that movie where Jodie Foster was like totally asking for it when she wasn't wearing a headscarf? You know the one, she was all like slutty and stuff. Just flaunting it. What did she expect for not wearing a headscarf? You knew she wanted it.

You know the movie. It was called Contact.

A slutty pic of Jodie Foster's from Contact.

SMH Australia:

"[TW] said no but I go ahead with it because I believe that at the time I commit these offences, I believe that she was promiscuous " he said. "She don't know us, I don't know her, like she was not related to us and she was not wearing any purdah like she was not covered her face, she was not wearing any headscarf and she started drinking with us and she was singing.
And if that wasn't bad enough, get this:
He said it was only now, since he had gained a "better understanding of Australian culture", that he knew the rapes were wrong.
I just want to clarify something here. He's making a "cultural defense" argument. He's not trying to get out of going to jail, just trying to have his "culture" used as mitigation in sentencing.

Le't forego the argument about the merits of such a defense.

What does his defense say about Pakistani culture? And what does it say about his understanding of rape being bad as not empirically bad, but only bad because it goes against Australian culture?

I think that he's making a clear argument for the former if the record of the trial is to be believed: In Pakistan we were never taught that rape was bad. Chicks who drank and who didn't cover their heads were either asking for it -- which makes it not rape at all -- or got what they deserved (rape as a form of punishment).

But what about that second question? Does he now believe that the Pakistani norm of rape is bad because he believes rape is bad? Or does he believe he must act as if rape is bad simply because he's now in Australia?

You know: when in Rome.

I'm not sure the transcript clarifies which it is. But either way, I think it's yet another indication of what we've always know about Paksitan: it is a stinking sh*thole that the world would be better off without.

Oh, and my apologies to stinking shi*tholes for the comparison.

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