July 18, 2013

Gutfeld Summarizes Rolling Stone's Boston Bomber Fluff Piece


Breitbart's Greg Gutfeld's summary of the Rolling Stone article:

"Wow, here's a really good looking cool kid who loves to smoke weed (a lot -- isn't that cool and funny!) and seems super cool and all his friends just think he's the "bomb." He has such great hair!!!!

Oh -- sorry - and then the cute guy does something really really bad, and it's like totally weird because he was such a cool dude --and he was smart and stuff, and a great fighter and girls liked him! He seems really cute to me, anyway!!! :)
and when someone cool does something REALLY BAD WE THINK then we are really sad.


Like, why didn't he like us more??? : ^I
It sucks.... why couldn't he have been a dorky, ugly white right wing christian who didn't do drugs-- instead?
I mean -- That would have been more fun to write about! LOL."

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