July 17, 2013

Hispanic Anti-Zimmerman Protester Beaten By Other Protesters

Will the DOJ investigate this?

City Terrace resident Cuauhtemoc Negrete said he was told: "You better blend in or youíre going to get hurt." The group eventually approached him, someone punched him in the head and another person stole his bicycle. Ö

Negrete pulled out a wrench, which comes in handy for the bicycle he uses to get around town, he said.

"I was there for the 6 p.m. March. We were going up and down the streets and all of a sudden all these kids just started trashing things, going up to people," he said.

Now they were going after him. Negrete said he dropped the wrench when it didnít scare off the aggressors. He also dropped his bicycle and canteen at his feet and lifted his shirt.

Negrete said he didnít see who hit him. He was punched once in the back of the head. Another person grabbed his bike and rode off, but that was it.

"It just made me feel so small," he said.

Shortly after the attack, Negrete broke down in tears and expressed his frustration over the violence.

"Why does it always have to go down this road?" he told The Times on Monday night.

He said he felt he was targeted because he was Latino. Others in the crowd said they saw similar incidents.

But don't dare suggest any of them are racists!

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