July 17, 2013

Buzzkill: Boobie Hater Calls Police To Report Redneck Heaven

Vodka Pundit:

A patron called Lewisville police after what they claim happened during a stop at the restaurant and bar called Redneck Heaven. When officers went to the establishment to investigate they found female waitresses serving customers with only body paint and pasties covering their breasts.


(Vodka Pundit)So now well have a bunch of ignorant politicians debating the weighty matter of exactly what geometry of the female breast away from the nipple is allowed to be exposed and what constitutes proper coverage of said side- and/or under-boob.

Ill tell you who the boobs are: The people who went to the cops instead of walking back to their car.

After further research of this so called Redneck Heaven, I believe this may have been the offending angel right here.


I love her. Thanks to the uptight prude, for without that asshole I might have never known. And also I predict a huge increase in Rednecks making it into heaven.

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