July 15, 2013

Good News: Jihadis Going to Burma


Or is that Myanmar? I never can remember what we're calling the place these days.

In any event, I've known this was coming for about six months now as jihadi propaganda has become less and less filled with diatribes against Israel and more and more with discussions of "genocide" being committed by "infidels" against Muslims in Burma. And now it looks like it's finally on:

A group of jihadists from Burma, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Pakistan are reported to have formed a "brigade" to fight the Burmese government. A Burmese branch of the Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami that is based in Karachi, Pakistan and has been in operation since the late 1980s is likely involved in recruiting Pakistanis to fight in Burma....

The group claims it killed 17 Burmese soldiers in its first ambush of a military convoy, and "a few days ago they slaughtered three men including a Buddhist monk." The claims could not be confirmed.

Not that there's any loved loss for the Burmese military, but the last thing that country needs right now is a hot war against Islamist extremists just as it begins to emerge from decades of fascism.

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