July 13, 2013

Hezbollah in ... Mexico

An interesting report on the growing presence of Hezbollah in Mexico. Unfortunately, the report makes a lot of assertions without citing any sources. For instance, it asserts that Hezbollah already has dug tunnels into the US. Really? I'd love a citation on that. And Act of Valor doesn't count as a "source".

But still, if even half of it is true it's something to think about. For instance, the figure that there are hundreds of thousands of possible Hezbollah sympathizers in Mexico, most of them there as illegal aliens:

Since 2005, Iran and Hezbollah have developed a presence in Latin America, opening 17 cultural centers, and forming relations with the Mexican drug cartels. 200,000 immigrants from Lebanon and Syria, many of whom are illegal residents, live in Mexico, and have established residence with the help of drug cartels like Los Zetas, the most technically advanced of Mexico’s drug cartels. Those who are sympathetic to Islamic extremist movements make perfect recruits for the drug trade because they understand how illegal activity in the Americas empowers whoever wishes to weaken the power of U.S. sovereignty. As shown by the increase of Islamic missionaries in Mexico, as well as the growing influence of Hezbollah and Iran, it is clear that Islamists are trying to win the hearts and minds of the Mexican people. However, beneath these seemingly peaceful developments lie the fact that Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard and Quds forces are partnering with major Mexican drug cartels. They are learning Mexican culture, as well as Spanish, and are starting to blend in with native-born Mexicans.
I think we might need to spend some serious reflection on this before we give blanket amnesty to 11 million people, most of whom come from Mexico.

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