July 11, 2013

Revenge of Pat Quinn

This is what you get when you override Democrat Pat Quinn's veto of concealed carry.

Accelerating an increasingly bitter feud with the General Assembly, Gov. Pat Quinn suspended the pay of state lawmakers Wednesday, saying he believed the best way for legislators to reach a long-sought fix to Illinois' massive public worker pension debt was to "hit them in the wallet."

Quinn used his veto powers to zero-out the $13.8 million budget for legislative salaries and leadership stipends, effectively eliminating the state's ability to send lawmakers their Aug. 1 paychecks.

That's odd for year and years Pat Quinn has never insisted that Illionois, you know, pay its bills or pension obligations on time. He's kicked the can as far as anyone. But a day after the state legislature overrode his veto of concealed carry and dropped his "suggested changes" he cuts off their salary.

Well then that's fine I guess if he wants pension and budget reform that badly then he needs to put the executive branches money where its mouth is and suspend his and pay as well.

I won't hold my breath on that.

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