July 10, 2013

Stupid Conspiracy Theorists Who Think Boston Bombing Was Elaborate Conspiracy Chant "Free Jahar"

What kind of people think the Boston Bombings were a false flag operation? Let's just say there's a type.

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And while looking for more images of the crazies, I noticed one woman at the free Jahar rally who also fit a type. Only this woman's photo was only posted at a single MSM source. Hmmm, I wonder why?

Here's a hint: the one on the left is getting a lot of media attention.


Creepy, she kind of reminds me of another dimwitted revert I once knew.

Here's the story:

A group of about a dozen supporters cheered as the motorcade carrying Tsarnaev arrived at the courthouse. The demonstrators yelled “Justice for Jahar,” as Tsarnaev is known. One woman held a sign that said, “Free Jahar.”

Others held signs claiming Tsarnaev’s innocence, while suggesting elaborate conspiracies surrounding the bombing and Tsarnaev’s arrest.

The MSM is trying to equate these people with the nutjobs who love convicted murderes like Charles Manson.

The fact is these nutjobs are a completely different animal than those who love mass murderers. No, these people think that Tsarnaev isn't a mass murderer.

How could he be? He's Muslim!

Everyone knows the CIA is out to make Muslims look bad.

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