July 05, 2013

Pro-Choicers Chant "Hail Satan"


This reminds me of something C.S. Lewis wrote in his final book from the Narnia series which I recently listened to on CD with my kids on the way back from California earlier this week.

In the book, the antagonists try to convince the beings of Narnia and their enemies from Kalormen that Narnnia's protector, Aslan, and Kalormen's god, Tash, is really one and the same thing -- Tashlan, they begin calling this new hybrid god. This despite the fact that Aslan gave his own life to save his people, while Tash requires the lives of his in the form of periodic human sacrifices.

But what this reminds me of from the book is that those making the argument that Aslan and Tash were really just different names for the same thing didn't believe in either of them. They were atheists, who were simply using a sophisticated argument about the unity of religious ideas in order to gain political power.

Are these people chanting "hail satan" really believers in Beelzebub? Of course not. They are trying to be ironical here.


In the book, the god Tash actually does appear and he begins to devour those who had invoked his name even though they did not believe in the being in who's name they were acting.

I very much doubt that this group of pro-choicers believes that unseen dark forces personified as the Prince of Darkness really exists any more than Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

But what if they're wrong?

Acting as if you worship Satan is not so far removed from actually worshiping him as you might think. Because in the end it is our actions that define us. If you act in an evil manner, they you have become the very thing which you deny exists: the personification of evil.

UPDATE By DMartyr: The Satanists are distancing themselves from these loony libs. Your ideology really has to be bad if Satan worshippers call you "diabolical"!


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