July 04, 2013

Egyptian Army Vows To Protect Islamists

Shortly after toppling the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsi, the Egyptian Army vowed to protect Islamists (emphasis mine):

The Egyptian armed forces have issued a warning that they will not allow any assaults on Islamists following the fall of former President Mohamed Morsi.

"To Egypt's youth from all religious currents and orientations, no one in Egypt questions your patriotism and sincere dedication to this country," army spokesperson Ahmed Ali said on Thursday.

The statement went on to stress that no group would be excluded in Egypt.

No group except, of course, the Christian Copts, whom the Muslim Brotherhood is blaming for its downfall:

Among the episodes of violence in Egypt after the overthrow of President Morsi there is also the attack against the Coptic Catholic parish of St. George, in the village of Delgia, 60 kilometers from Minya. Since Wednesday evening, July 3 groups of fanatical Islamists first looted and then burned down the pastor’s house and church group buildings. "Thank God there were no victims and injuries" says to Fides Agency the Coptic Catholic Bishop of Minya Botros Fahim Awad Hanna "but the alarm continues. The fundamentalists have closed the roads at the entrance to the village. They shout slogans against Christians, they say they want to destroy everything and now they are trying again to storm the church. The local police are helpless, I called Cairo to ask for the intervention of the army."

There are only 800,000 Christian Copts in Egypt. Over 20 million Egyptians protested to out Morsi. So, it only makes sense for Islamists to blame the Copts. Right?

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