July 01, 2013

Tor Executive Director Andrew Lewman : al-Qaeda's Use of Tor For Funding Terrorism and Spreading Bomb and Chemical Weapons Instructions Pretty Funny

When asked about al-Qaeda linked terrorists using Tor, Andrew Lewman responded with a few snarky jokes:

The network not only protects the identities of users who visit a website but also allows sites to be anonymously hosted on the Tor network itself. Jihadist groups have used that capability to raise money for their cause and offer instructions on building conventional weapons and weapons of mass destruction.

“Fund the Islamic struggle without leaving a trace,” one site hosted on the Tor network pleads. The site—which is accessible through a standard PC web browser—allows visitors to anonymously donate to a jihadist group that says it has members based in the United States and South America.

“We are currently working with recent reverts to Islam and generally training brothers to struggle to establish a new Islamic front both in the U.S. and around the world,” the site says.

It provides a unique Bitcoin key that visitors can use to anonymously donate to the group. Publicly accessible information shows that that Bitcoin account has been a party to four transactions, all in September of 2012.

“We have found that asking for money indicated for these activities attracts far too much surveillance and have decided that we would begin to gather resources through the Internet,” the site adds. Through Tor and Bitcoin, the site can do so anonymously.

Directed to that page, Andrew Lewman, executive director of the Tor Project, denied that it was evidence that terrorist groups use the network.

Some teenager creates a site, which is just one page of brochureware, and now they’re a terrorist. Ok then,” he said in an email to the Free Beacon.

“Maybe it’s run by terrorists who are hunting down IP addresses of press people,” Lewman suggested, noting that accessing the site through a standard web browser does not protect visitors’ identities. “Maybe it’s run by the mob. Maybe law enforcement,” he added.

Lewman insisted that there is “no hard evidence that terrorists use Tor.”

Yes teenagers using the internet for terrorism.... its all a big f*cking joke.



Update: Here's your evidence Mr. Lewman.



And while Ansar might be the brightest bulbs in the Jihadosphere, its still considered one of the top tier al-Qaeda forums.

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