July 01, 2013

American Murdered By Egyptian Protesters Identified as Andrew Pochter

He was a young Jewish progressive, who believed in Arab democracy.

Counter Jihad Report:

Just two years later, the well-intentioned, if naïve Pochter’s tragic delusions about the ugly reality of the Orwellian-named Arab spring were shattered, instantaneously, by lethal violence. While photographing demonstrations in the Egyptian port city of Alexandria this past Friday (6/28/13), near an office of the jihadist Muslim Brotherhood, Pochter was stabbed, and suffered a fatal chest wound.

Veteran international journalist Jon Williams tweeted that, as per unnamed “intelligence sources,” Pochter’s assailant questioned the young man whether he were an American, before plunging a knife into the victim’s chest. If Williams’ account is confirmed, this would mark the second time in two months that an American was targeted for stabbing in Egypt.

His support was repaid by a knife to the chest, but just think what they would have done had they asked him if he were a Jew and he answered, "Yes."

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