July 01, 2013

Canadian Terrorist Chiheb Esseghaier's Facebook Jihad

Even after Esseghaier's arrest on charges he wanted to blow up trains for Jihad, Facebook never took down his al-Qaeda supporting profile.

That is until Facebook got bad press from Walid Shoebat, now suddenly they decide maybe they'll take it down.

World Net Daily reported late last night the publication of al Qaeda terrorism plans on the Facebook page of Chiheb Esseghaier, the Tunisian man suspected of involvement in the thwarted attempt to derail a Canadian train. The picture above is a screen shot of that Facebook page taken by Walid Shoebat, a Palestinian former Muslim who is now a Christian. Esseghairer's Facebook page was removed shortly after Shoebat took the screen shot.


The World Net Daily story says, “At the top is a detailed flowchart on al-Qaida’s plans, command and control, and methodology – from leadership to cell creation,” Shoebat explained on his website. “His favorites include several links to some of the most notorious terror groups including a Facebook dedicated for the famed Abu Mus’ab Zarkawi. On that Facebook page, it gives a glimpse of the al-Qaida recruitment in the Levant (Syria).”

Hats off to Walid for taking down yet another Facebook terrorist.

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