July 01, 2013

George Zimmerman Reenactment (Updated & Bumped - Video & New Map Added)

This is a reenactment George Zimmerman voluntarily gave police the day after he shot Trayvon Martin in self-defense. Zimmerman's account has remained consistent since the incident happened and all evidence, so far presented, corroborates it. For those following the trial, this will help you understand how everything went down. It will also help fill in the minutes between calls to 911.


Map of area:


Below the fold, video surveillance of Trayvon Martin at the 7-11 shortly before his death. See Martin as the media doesn't want you to see him.


FYI, the 7-11 clerk is 5'10".

PS: These Liveleak videos are uploaded to my Liveleak account, so feel free to comment there as well.

UPDATE: I thought I would indicate on map how everything happened. I based it on Zimmerman's reenactment and trial testimony. If anyone spots an error, please let me know.

Map Updated. Original can be viewed HERE.

(Click image to enlarge in new window)

UPDATE II: As requested in comments, I am adding Rachel Jeantel's testimony that Martin has told her he was in his father's girlfriends backyard:

(Skip to the 5 minute mark for the specific comments.)

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