June 21, 2013

Democratic Congressman Demands Removal Of Terrorist Pictures: "Offensive To Muslims"

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Congressman Jim McDermott wants the FBI to remove bus ads that display the most wanted terrorists:

Always-unfiltered Rep. Jim McDermott penned a letter to FBI Director Robert Mueller Wednesday claiming a Joint Terrorism Task Force 'Faces of Global Terrorism' ad is racist.

McDermott, a Democrat from Washington state, voiced his "deep concern" about the ad, which shows mug shots of international terrorists, and asked the FBI chief to "reconsider publicizing" it.

According to McDermott, the "ad featuring sixteen photos of wanted terrorists is not only offensive to Muslims and ethnic minorities, but it encourages racial and religious profiling."

Who needs facts when your party runs on political correctness?

Below the fold, the FBI's Most Wanted Terrorists.

Napolitano: 'Profiling Muslim Men Not Logical'

NOTE: This image is from 2011. Some suspects may have since been removed or added. For an updated list, click HERE.


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