June 18, 2013

10 Radical Muslims Held in Murder of Frenchman

If you're an English speaker you'll read all about the Muslima claiming that she was caused to miscarry after being attacked by "skinheads" for wearing the veil in france. You might also notice the only reports that police have found inconsistencies in her story do not contain the word Islamophobe and visa versa.

You won't hear about much about attacks against french police.

And you certainly won't know that French police have arrested 10 Islamic Radicals in the murder of a gay man in the city of Nimes in 2010.

Police in Raid IFNU and SRPJ Montpellier have made a series of arrests on Tuesday morning including buildings and neighborhoods Pissevin Valdegour Nimes. 10 people have heard about the murder of a young man found buried in Nīmes scrubland in July 2011.

Ten people are being heard for the needs of an investigation into a murder committed two years ago.

A source not officially confirmed, the people heard in the context of this case belong to a movement that can address a current or radical traditionalist Islam.

Hat Tip: Blazing Cat Fur.

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