June 17, 2013

Xi Jinping Make Sex With Obama Messiah

After the summit in Palm Spring Chinese President Xi Jinping thrust his pulsing member upon the Obama Messiah.

HONG KONG - In a show of protest against U.S. surveillance programs and in support of whistle-blower Edward Snowden, several hundred people marched Saturday to the U.S. Consulate General and the offices of the Hong Kong government despite drizzly weather.


"I think it's not acceptable for the (National Security Agency) to spy" on everyone, said Patrick Cheung, who has been upset by claims former NSA contractor Snowden made about the agency's data gathering from U.S.-based Internet firms. "It's our right to have our privacy protected."

"Shame on NSA! Defend freedom of speech!" chanted marchers, who carried signs written in Chinese and English and wrapped in plastic to keep out the rain. "Protect Snowden!"

The happy couple.
Word is that Xi Jinping is looking to get some as the G8 summit this week as well.

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