June 14, 2013

Why The West Loses

I think Yid With Lid is very very onto something here.

One of the things we at Jawa Report have tried to do over the years is to not only follow and fight online terrorist propaganda, but to tell our readers what the terrorists really say.

Its one thing to hear on the news that Daniel Pearl, Nick Berg, Thomas Tucker, Kristian Menchaca or Tom Fox were brutally murdered by terrorist in a sanitized sound bite on the evening news or to hear the selected quotes from the latest Zawahiri tape.

Its quite another to see for yourself the butchery of a terrorist snuff film or read the complete message from an al-Qaeda leader in its unfiltered state.

But the vast majority of the American Public have never seen or read these things. Which leaves them vulnerable to false impressions created by a politically correct and sanitized sound bites about a Religion of Peace, misunderstood oppressed Muslims and the its our fault narrative about so called American Hegemony and Imperialism being the root cause of terrorism.

So this article Why The West Doesn't Understand Islamists (They Don't Read What the Radicals REALLY Say) is spot on the mark.

Notice his different angle on what for the Western author would be a tale of Western imperialism and on the technological and organizational backwardness of Muslim peoples. Al-Qaradawi does not put the emphasis on Western strength or even injustice but on Muslim weakness. He does not flinch from facing the humiliations of the situation. He promises--as the Arab nationalists did sixty years ago--that his doctrine will bring rapid development and tremendous power. Like Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev once said, al-Qaradawi pledges to the West, ""We will bury you."

Islamism is a formula to turn inferiority into superiority, to make the Muslim world number one in the world. It uses religion and is formed by key themes in Islam but ultimately it has nothing to do with religion as such. This is a political movement.

Al-Qaradawi is not upset by recent U.S. policy but by Western policy for well over a century. This bitterness is not going to be conciliated. The problem is not in Western actions—which any way cannot be undone—but with the interpretation of these actions. They are seen as rooted in a desire to destroy Islam, as being based on a permanent enmity, and no gesture by contemporary Western leaders can lead to the end of this view. On the contrary, such things will be interpreted through the prism of this view, as a trick or a sign of retreat and weakness.

Read the rest, you'll be glad you did.

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