June 14, 2013

Explain This: The Burka

I was reading this very absurd article (with very entertaining comments) about a mother who was mortified when her child playfully called a burka clad woman a "ghost":

Wrestling free from my grip, he tore over to her, arms outstretched, fingers pointing and yelling at the top of his voice: "Mummy! Mummy! What's that? What's THAT?" [...]

I smiled apologetically in the direction of the woman's face (her eyes not being visible behind the fine mesh of her veil) and tried to drag the kid away.

Of course this only made him more determined. To my utter mortification, he started tugging on her burqa -- even trying to crawl underneath it while giggling: "It's a ghost! I want to play too, mummy. Help me get under the sheet!"

Here's your challenge, Jawas! Explain the burka. So a three-year-old could understand it.


I may give out fatwas for the best explanations.

Sil, cheer me up, babe!

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