June 13, 2013

Ministry of Boobies: KU Sends Cease and Desist Letter to @KUBoobsBs

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It seems that the University of Kansas has some issues with a Twitter account called @KUboobs. The feed for this twitter account has scantily clad females showing off their assets with the KU emblem on them.

click for huge boobs

The school has sent a Cease and Desist order to the owner of the Twitter account. They aren’t messing around:
But school officials have reportedly had enough of the so-called “boobment,” and they fired off a cease-and-desist order to its overseer, Ken Soap, on Tuesday.
As explained here the basis for the order is KU's copyright and the fact that KUBoobs sells or did sell T-Shirts and Wristbands to raise money for Breast Cancer.


So the uptight boobie hating Jayhack administration is trying to shut down like the greatest twitter feel every on the planet.

But you don't have to buy a Tshirt to to help, you can donate to the cause here.

So far these young ladies have raised $270. That's shameful really for all they've put into it. So help save the KUBboobs.

Hat Tip: The Other McCain.

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