June 12, 2013

5 eHadis Arrested in Spain

I have mixed feelings about cases like this. On the one hand, they've been arrested for posting things online that the state disapproves of. That is usually a bad thing.

On the other hand, when an al Qaeda sympathizer goes to jail an angel gets its wings:

Spain's Interior Ministry says authorities have arrested five Tunisian men living in Barcelona after they were discovered spreading terror propaganda on social media networks.

The five were detained on accusations of praising terrorism after they allegedly put on the Internet speeches by Osama Bin Laden, explanations on how to make bombs and videos showing Islamic terrorists training and firing weapons and carrying out executions.

I hope someone has the wits about them to videotape when these five have their cornholes violated for the first time in prison. That would be internet gold,and an appropriate karma for guys who like posting beheading videos.

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