June 07, 2013

Debating Beheading

Or discussing the relative merits of savages:

Here is the problem when it comes to the aftermath of events such as beheading of one of our soldiers in Woolwich recently. It is not that almost every Muslim community spokesperson didn’t come out and say that the beheading was bad. That is what they have done before and will continue to do after – and quite rightly so. It is of course a pretty low place to position the bar. Applauding anyone for coming out against beheading is just a symptom of a malaise: “Hurrah – you’re for us keeping our heads.”
There is a video of some Belgians fighting with al-Nusra in Syria murdering a captive by beheading. They're not very good at it. But that doesn't stop the Allahu Ackbars.

Its AQ Iraq redux.

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