June 07, 2013

ICRC Delivers Letter From Bowe Bergdahl


BOISE - Family of captured Idaho soldier Bowe Bergdahl released a statement on Thursday through their personal media spokesperson, Col. Tim Marsano, concerning a letter sent to them by Bowe.
Here is the Bergdahl Family's latest statement about what they received:
“Through the International Committee of the Red Cross, we recently received a letter we’re confident was written to us by our son Bowe. Our family is greatly relieved and encouraged by this letter, which gives us hope that Bowe is doing as well as can be expected under the circumstances. We thank the ICRC for all their assistance and support over these past four years. We want to also thank the many individuals, private groups and agencies who are working to support us and bring Bowe home. We hope Bowe’s captors will again consider his parents’ plea to release him, but in the meantime, we ask that you please continue to keep him in good health and allow him to keep corresponding with us.
The report goes on to say the letter was censored but the family believes it is in his hand. The letter was written approximately two months ago.

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