June 05, 2013

Eleven Year Old Boy Suspended For Daydreaming of Saving His Class

He was overheard using the work gun as he was day dreaming of saving all his friends from evildoers.

I ask you, even you Democrats and heel-dug Obama defenders who are committed to the man because you invested your trust and franchise in him, either because you bought his bromides and bullshit, or because Rush Limbaugh’s talk about Obama phones reeked of racism, and you refused to be part of that (though evidently, the institutionalized racialism in the Civil Rights Division and at the Justice Department wasn’t a factor in your decision making): is this the country you imagined you lived in?
The father of a middle schooler in Calvert County, Md. says his 11-year-old son was suspended for 10 days for merely talking about guns on the bus ride home.

Bruce Henkelman of Huntingtown says his son, a sixth grader at Northern Middle School in Owings, was talking with friends about the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre when the bus driver hauled him back to school to be questioned by the principal, Darrel Prioleau.

“The principal told me that with what happened at Sandy Hook if you say the word ‘gun’ in my school you are going to get suspended for 10 days,” Henkelman said in an interview with WMAL.com.

So what did the boy say? According to his father, he neither threatened nor bullied anyone.

“He said, I wish I had a gun to protect everyone. He wanted to defeat the bad guys. That’s the context of what he said,” Henkelman said. “He wanted to be the hero.”

Really what about the glue gun or maybe rivet or grease gun in shop class?

We've become a politically correct parody of a once great nation.

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