June 05, 2013

American Spring! The Vast Right Wing Republican Insurgency

Bob Owen:

We now know that the White House has used the Internal Revenue Service as a weapon against “enemy” political groups, in a naked example of tyranny so extreme that when the IRS Inspector investigated, he found it worse than even Richard Nixon’s attempted abuses of the system. He call the targeted political terror campaign, “unprecedented.” It is an abuse of power never before seen in our nation’s history.

News is confirmed that the Environmental Protection Agency was also used to target activist groups.

Attorney General Eric Holder personally authorized using the Espionage Act—which has been used to put spies to death—against members of the press, and then lied about it in Congressional testimony.

We have seen a perfect storm of abuses at the hand of the Obama Administration, and the government itself has been exposed as rotten to the core.

That changes scenario immensely.

When I wrote WYSIR, I could never predicted that the government would self-destruct in living color before a revolt against tyranny ever began. Incredibly, the federal leviathan became so bold in it’s overt corruption that it has self-destructed, without any external help, before the first shot has been fired in anger.

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