June 05, 2013

Al-Rahma Mosque in London Burns

BBC: Abubakar Ali, from the centre, said: "The Somali community is in fear.

"We are all shocked about what has happened and we strongly condemn the attack on the centre. As you can see, the situation is a very serious one indeed.

"We are appalled and deeply saddened by the horrific and foolish act against a peaceful community. While no one was thankfully physically hurt in the attack, the effects of this crime will be felt very deeply."

First of all, arson is a crime, so whomever did this needs to be prosecuted. We need to keep an open mind and go where the evidence leads. Wherever that may be, we don't have a perpetrator holding a firebomb confessing on video.

Second, Islam is not a race.

Taking a page from Anjem Choudary, rather than condemn the burning of a Mosque we need to look deeper into the root cause....


Um, yeah.

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