June 03, 2013

C-SPAN3: IRS Hearing On Targeting Conservative Groups

You can watch it live here

"Before Congress spends one more dime on the IRS, we need to know how it spends the money it has already." -Rep Crenshaw (R-FL)

Rep Serrano said the IRS needs more funds to properly do it's job, says lack of funds will result in "more scandals."

Rep Serrano (D-NY) also said he didn't care who the groups targeted were and that no one should be targeted.

All I can say is the dems are all Citizens United!!! This hearing is getting nowhere.

Oh and, Blame Bush!!!!!

Rep Crenshaw (R-FL) brings up Obamacare and the IRS implementing it. He also said the stories about the targeting of conservatives keep changing all the time. "The IRS has betrayed the trust of people".

Rep Rogers (R-KY) speaking about bonuses given to those same employees who were at the helm of the targeting. He asked the acting IRS commission about bonuses over 25K need to be approved by the president, did he approve them? IRS acting commish didn't know. "Should they not pay those bonuses back"? Acting commish will get back to Rep Rogers

Gee, wonder why no employees would say who ordered this clusterfruck:

Probably because their supervisors were present when they were questioned

Congressional investigators have questioned the manner in which George conducted his interviews with employees. For example, Holly Paz, a senior official in the Cincinnati and Obama donor, was allowed to sit in on many of the interviews
That would put a one in a position of gawd, I wanna say but that bitch is sitting right here.

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