June 02, 2013

Jew Wins Wrestling Match Despite Bad Sportsmanship By Muslim Opponent

(Hat Tip: Kenny)

Like unruly, spoiled child who starts throwing toys when they don't like the rules, the wrestler from Egypt was unable to compete in a respectful manner.

Israeli wrestler Ilana Kartysh won a gold medal Saturday in the Golden Grand Prix tournament in Italy, but her historical achievement was marred by a very unpleasant incident, when she was attacked by her Egyptian rival during the semi-final. [...]

In the semi-final, Kartysh met the African champion, Anas Mostafa of Egypt. At the beginning of the match, Mostafa refused to shake hands with her. During the fight, she broke two of the Israeli's fingers and bit her in the back - causing her to bleed. At the end of the match, unsurprisingly, she refused to shake hands with her again.

Golden Grand Prix tournament officials will turn a blind eye. Because Muslims are the problem child of the world. The kid with ADD that runs wild in the classroom, disrupting the studies of all the other children, beating the other students, and refusing to be civil in any way. The teacher knows if she tries to punish the child, she will be met by angry parents with howls of "racism" and "intolerance."

And the honor students of the world better toe the line. For if they even so much as nibble a pop tart into a politically incorrect shape, they will be crucified.

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