May 31, 2013

Iran Amends Stoning Execution Law

Iran adds a confusing addition to its penal code on stoning executions (emphasis mine):

An article of Iran's Islamic new penal code, published earlier this week, states that, "if the possibility of carrying out the (stoning) verdict does not exist," the sentencing judge may order another form of execution pending final approval by the judiciary chief.

The article does not explain what is meant by the possibility of stoning not existing. [...]

Under Iran's interpretation of Islamic Sharia law in force since its 1979 revolution, adultery is punished by the stoning of convicted adulterers.

Women are buried up to the their shoulders, but men only up to their waists. They are spared if they manage to free themselves before dying.

I suspect it is just a way a sentencing judge can avoid ruling for a controversial stoning execution if faced with public pressure.

(Hat Tip: Look Under The Burka Of Islam)

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