May 31, 2013

Inspire 11: No Indication al-Qaeda Thinks War is Over

Someone might want to go and tell Obama, because he seems to be ignorant of so many things.

O American nation, did the war end with the killing of Sheikh Usama bin Laden (may Allah accept him) like your leaders lied unto you?


Did the call to fight you end with the killing of Sheikh Anwar Al-Awlaki like
they exploited your inattention?

Did your aggression on Afghanistan, Palestine and other Muslim countries end? Did you annihilate the Jihadi groups that, by the Grace of Allah, have spread everywhere after they have only been in Afghanistan? Today, they are near your homes if not in them.

We have a complete copy of Inspire 11. If anyone needs it ask Howie. If you don't know how to ask Howie, you don't need it.

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