May 30, 2013

The Kremlin's English Language Network's New Program: Politics with Larry King

I hope he knows he can't rag on Putin and stuff.

"I would rather ask questions to people of positions of power than speak on their behalf," King says in RT's new promotion for the show. "And that's why you can find my show, Larry King Now, right here on RT."

All of which raises the question: Does Larry King realize who he's working for? This is RT, the Kremlin's English-language network. It's propaganda under the thinnest of veils. Facts and supporting arguments be damned, RT is known for peddling the Russian government's policies[...[

Well, maybe King does know who he's working for. The New York Times points out that he's something of a fan of Russian President Vladimir Putin. But the move still seems strange for someone who considers himself a genuine journalist. I mean, has the celebrated host even seen RT?

Well at least it's not Iran's Press TV. To be a fan of the mad mullahs would be way crazy.

h/t DaveedGR

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