May 30, 2013

Signs, Signs, Everywhere The Signs

Must be the theme today at TJR as another man has made a sign offensive to the Religion of Peace™

 photo 812_zpsb24853d9.jpg

Michael Heick (hyke) placed a sign reading “Bomb Making Next Driveway” on the front lawn of his property along a heavily traveled road in the town of Amherst. The next driveway on the same side of the road is the entrance to the Jaffarya (JAH’-free-yuh) Center.

Yeah, well, last time I checked we had a 1st Amendment guaranteeing our right to free speech. If the mosque doesn't like it, too bad. Maybe they should work on reforming their political ideology posing as a religion so that their adherents would stop, you know, making bombs.

Thanks to Victory Girls.

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