May 29, 2013

Christian-Run Company To Compensate Muslim Worker For Race Discrimination


Considering Muslim is not a race, my headline follows with my oh wait

A Christian worker who claimed his Muslim employers discriminated against him because he was white has been awarded more than £2,500 in compensation.

Christopher Turton, 31, was one of only two white workers at the National Halal Food Group in Birmingham, which supplies supermarkets with meat prepared in accordance with Islamic Sharia law.

A tribunal heard that after Mr Turton was promoted at the company, he saw an e-mail in which a colleague suggested he was being given an unfair advantage, asking: 'Is it because he is white?'.

The e-mail, understood to have been sent from employee of the firm to a self-employed worker and seen by Mr Turton, also pointed out that the 31-year-old was not a 'Muslim brother' and added: 'Allah is the provider'.

The worker also claimed Mr Turton had only been employed by the company to impress customers, the hearing was told.

Mr Turton, from Halesowen in the West Midlands, was awarded £2,550 at an employment tribunal in Birmingham after seeking compensation from the Halal Food Group for race and religious discrimination.

Tribunal judges found in the claimant's favour on both counts.

Frankly, I was shocked to see this, in the UK no less, and searched to make sure the story was true and was not from the Onion.

It's true.

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