May 29, 2013

France: Police Arrest A Recent Convert To Islam In Attack On Pvt. Cédric Cordiez


Via Le Figaro[googlish]

The profile of the alleged perpetrator Cedric Cordiez[soldier..ed], this military stabbed Saturday cutter on the forecourt of Defense, is gradually emerging. Arrested Wednesday morning in the Yvelines, Alexander, 22 years is now heard by investigators, to whom he confessed. According to information issued by the Paris prosecutor, a young homeless man, is in favor of a "traditionalist Islam, even radical, for three or four years." He converted "to the end of the majority." Few minutes before tackling Cedric Cordiez, Alexander has performed "a Muslim prayer." The young man was probably "in the name of his religious ideology," said the prosecutor, who said the terrorist qualification is accepted for the attack.
NY Times: notes:
French Interior Minister Manuel Valls said in a statement that the suspect was arrested Wednesday morning in the Yvelines region just west of Paris, following the stabbing of Pvt. Cédric Cordiez in the neck from behind with a short-bladed knife. The attack took place in the shopping mall and underground transportation hub of La Défense, west of Paris.

Officials said at the time that the attack seemed an echo of the killing and stabbing to death of a British soldier on a London street last week.

The French suspect was known to investigators, Mr. Valls said, but he urged caution and said: “I cannot talk about radical Islam.” He said investigators wanted to know more about the suspect’s “motivation, background and family environment.”

The police said he was identified thanks to video footage from the crime and traces of his DNA found on items left at the scene in a plastic bag, including a knife and a bottle[...]

Private Cordiez, 23, was released from a military hospital on Monday and rejoined his unit.

Motivation, really Mr. Valls?

Copycat Of Woolwich?
French Soldier Stabbed In Neck By Bearded Man Of North African 'Type'...

Update: Thanks to link from wtd, a better image of perp below:


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